【Girls' party plan to choose】 smoked camembert fondue or healthy meat dishes ♪ 4300 yen

【Girls' party plan to choose】 smoked camembert fondue or healthy meat dishes ♪ 4300 yen

By using a coupon4300 yen

150 minutes with all you can drink.Sparkling wine is OK at + 500 yen

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  • All-you-can-drink available
    All-you-can-drink even the topic [Masters Dream Barrel]! All you can drink sparkling wine with + 500 yen

【Limited from Sunday to Thursday】 If you enjoy delicious vegetables ♪ with tomorrow's delicious food and drinks, smoked cheese fondue is recommended.Because it is warming with skillet (high temperature keeping iron pot), you can enjoy the camembert and warm vegetables of the leaf until the end.On a day when I want to eat meat fleshly, I'm proud of our shop.Sakura Hime Because it is chicken and rum, I do not forget health.


Total 5 dishes 10 items

Includes Masters Dream 150 minutes with unlimited drinks

An example of a day ...

◆ appetizer three

Putty de campagne

· Ham Hammon Serrano

· Marinated mushrooms and rosemary

◆ Home-made smoked 4 kinds

- Chicken wings





◆ choice of main

【A】 smoked Camembert cheese fondue

~ Today's vegetables and ~

Awakening of confirmed Inca, golden ginseng

Romanesco, Young Corn, Tokachi Mash

Homemade bucket

※ The gem of the smoke flavor.

After the fondue is over

Also like Camembert ♪

【B】 Sakura Hime from Hokkaido chicken and confirmed lamb meat with bone

~ With delicious plenty of vegetables ~

Cold ingredients slowly, simmer for 6 hours

Perl's signboard menu


◆ Pasta of Epida sauce of spinach zucchini and spinach

◆ apple baked with caramelized apple pie with banana ice

Course content varies according to purchase and season.If you have any request please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or request reservation ♪

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer
· Masters Dream Barrels
· Highball
· JIMBEAM highball
· Wine
· Spanish wine red French wine white
· Cooktail
· Kitty · Splitzer · Operator · Keel · Cassis Orange · Cassis · Soda · Cassis · Oolong · Cassis Grape · Fuzzy Navble · Cunyan · Peach Soda · Peach Ginger
· Softdrink
· Coke · grapefruit · oolong tea · apple · ginger ale
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00

Coupon that can be used

  • 【Smoked fondue or girls' association plan which can be chosen】 150 minutes with all you can drink all 10 items! 4800 yen ⇒ 4300 yen

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      Female Limited / Sun - Thurs / Holidays Limited / Other Tickets / Service Can not Be Used in Combination / 1 Total 1/2 N / A / Reservations Required / No Lunches / Cards Unavailable

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      Until the end of June, 2018

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